3D Virtual Tours vs Open Houses

3D Virtual Tours vs Open Houses

July 24, 2018

Comparing Virtual Tours and Open Houses
Traditional open houses can be a hassle for buyers and agents. If they’re crowded, it’s hard for the agent and buyers to connect. That leads to time-consuming follow-up. If they’re poorly attended, the open house is a waste of your time and budget.

Luckily, you don’t need to rely solely on traditional open houses to be successful and complete a sale. By combining virtual tours with the basic components of an open house, you can give buyers the flexibility they need with the immersive experience of visiting a home in person.


  • Immersive digital / VR  tour of the house with detailed information overlaid on important features

  • Can ask questions on the spot

  • Leave with exact measurements of any room or space

  • View the property tour anytime from any device anywhere

  • Instantly share the tour and pertinent details with other decision makers via email or web links


  • Share information and details about the house with anyone, as requested, without the constraints of time or location
  • Supply unmatched levels of detail about a property, from measurements to special features

“Matterport is helping us draw in interested qualified buyers before they even visit the house. We have been able to increase the efficiency of our agents by not having as many live showings, and focusing their time on the more serious buyers.”

- David Caveness, President & CEO of Carpenter Realtors

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